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Selling School Lockers and Parts for over 35 years. All Steel Locker, ASI, Aurora Steel, Edsal, Interior Steel, Lyon Metal, Medart, Penco, Republic Steel (Berger), Wilson (Tennsco), Worley and Superior List Industries lockers are Manufactures we work with. We also Manufacture over 30 locker handles, springs, door jambs, nylon latch fingers and more in the U.S.A. for the past 35 plus years. Most locker parts are in stock for fast shipping. Master Locks,Zephyr Locks, Digilocks & Lockers are Shipped straight from the Factory to the customer. If in doubt send a picture to
Robert Brooke Locker Parts Catalog

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  1. Penco Locker Coiled Spring Old Style

    Penco Locker Coiled Spring, Old style used with steel latch clip 160802. Also known as 61501, 1435, 74009, pn3318, lp8830.
  2. Locker Lock Bar Plastic Clip

    Locker Lock Bar Plastic Clip, Used with Penco, Republic and Wilson lockers. Replaces old Spiral Pin. Also known as 4630, 74003, pn3304, lp8831. The dimensions are 1/2" head, for 3/16" hole on lock bars to keep them vertical.

  3. Penco Upper Two Person Lock Bar RH 8-3/16"

    Penco Locker Upper Two Person Lock Bar for a Right Handed Locker, Hinges are on the RH facing them. includes108650-108651. Also known as 65267c, 65701, 4583, 74064, lp905.
  4. Penco Upper Two Person Lock Bar LH 8-3/16"

    Penco Locker Upper Two Person Lock bar for a Left Handed Locker, hinges are on the LH side facing the lockers.Includes108650-108651. Also known as 65268c, 65801, 4580, 74065, lp907.
  5. Locker Number Plates

    Locker Number Plates fits most lockers except Lyon. Make sure to add what numbers you are looking for. 1-600 in stock, anything over 4-6 weeks. Only numbers can be on the number plates, No names on plates. Pop rivets included. Hole spacing 1-3/4", Overall size 2-5/16" x 1-1/16". Manufactured in the USA. Also known as 99001, 70072, bu0110, lu122.

    Note: Blank number plates are available and in stock, with no numbers on them. Pop rivets are included. Each number plate you need is quantity one. Ten plates equal qty 10 for ordering. Note 6 numbers is a maximum per number plate.

  6. Single Prong Hook For Coat Rods

    Single prong locker hooks for coat rods and school type lockers. The hook is made from a metal 1/8" diameter tube x 4-3/4" ht x 2" width. These locker hooks are wall mounted to the locker back or sides. The hole spacing is 3/4", the top hole is 3/16" round with the one lower.& Also known as 8699.

  7. Penco Locker Steel Latch Clip

    Penco Locker Steel Latch Clip Old Style used with 108604 Coiled Spring. Manufactured in the USA for the past 25 + Years. Also known as 60503, 1430, 74017, pn3315, lp8829.
  8. Penco Locker Hinge

    Penco Locker Hinge, Also known as 08620, 61101, 4220, 74025, pn3303, lp8824. Overall size 1-1/2"x2"
  9. Penco Locker Tool Assembly Prior To 1972

    Penco locker Tool Assembly, Uses 108654 palnut prior to 1972. Also known as 63002, 4410, 74021, pn3312.

  10. Penco Locker St Lock Bar 50-5/8" Length

    Penco Locker Single Tier lock bar, for a 60" ht locker, 50-5/8" length. Used 1966 - current. Used with the recess handle or the vanguard locker handle (2-piece assembly). Also known as 61826c in gray color. 3 Nylon Latch Clips and spring included.

  11. Penco Locker Palnut, 1972 To Current

    Penco Locker Palnut 1972 to Current, uses 109630 tool assembly. Also known as 8642, 62001, 4390, 74007, pn3313, lpf05.

  12. Penco Locker Coiled Spring

    Penco Locker Coiled Spring, Used with ASI, Edsal, List Industries and Penco lockers.
    Manufactured in the USA for the past 25 + Years. Also known as 8650, 4120, 74015, pn3305, lp8828.

  13. Penco Locker Nylon Latch Clip

    Penco Locker Nylon Latch Clip, Used with ASI, Edsal, List Industries and Penco lockers. Manufactured in the USA for the past 25 + Years. Also known as 8651, 60501, 4125, 74016, pn3310, lp8827, ls645.
  14. Penco Locker Palnut, Prior To 1972

    Penco Locker Palnut Prior to 1972, uses 108638 tool assembly to install. Also known as 8654, 62003, 4380, 74020, pn3311.

  15. Penco Locker Handle Assembly

    Replacement Penco Locker Handle Assembly includes case, lift and palnut 108654 prior to 1972. **Note these do not say Penco on the Lift. Also known as 60101, 4010, 74008, pn3309, lp8809, 8658. This locker handle lifts back to open the locker door, the handle is connected to a lock bar on the inside of a locker that rides vertically and unlocks from the frame of the locker when you pull back. This releases the door from the frame. For locks you can use a padlock or a built in combination lock.

  16. Penco Locker Pop Rivet

    Used with Penco Plastic Trigger that is attached to the recess lifter and Padlock Staple. You must have a basic rivet gun to use this Rivet.

  17. Penco Locker Handle Lift

    Penco Vanguard Locker Handle Lift , includes the lift only. **Note these do not say Penco on the Lift . Also known as 4010a, pn3399, lp8897, 8658.

  18. Penco Locker Tool Assembly 1972 To Current

    Penco Locker Tool Assembly, Uses 108642 palnut, 1972 to present. Also known as 63001, 4425, 74010, pn3314, lp8819. Your locker door should have a oval hole that is ½” wide and a little over ¾” high.

  19. Penco Locker Lift Trigger

    Penco Locker Lift Trigger only, Clear in color. Also known as 9687. Note use pop rivet part number 108695. The trigger mounts to the recess lifter to protect your finger. The trigger can be painted in the field and only come in clear color. 

  20. Penco Box Locker Pull

    Penco Box Locker Pull, also known as 60803, 60703, 4350, 74013, pn3306, lp8825. Hole spacing 2-3/16" between outer holes.
  21. Penco Locker Latch Hook lh

    Penco Locker Latch Hook for left handed lockers, hinges on the left hand side facing the locker. Also known as 60804, 60302, 1496, 74019, pn3320, lp8822.
  22. Penco Locker Latch Hook rh

    Penco Locker Latch Hook for Right handed lockers, hinges on the Right hand side facing the locker. Also known as 60805, 60301, 1495, 74018, pn3319, lp8821. Manufactured in the USA for the past 25 +Years.
  23. Penco Locker Padlock Staple

    Penco Locker Padlock Staple, Pop Rivet sold separately. Also known as 60104, 4050, 74014, pn3321.

  24. Penco Recess Locker Handle, W/Security Screw

    Penco Recess Locker Handle, stainless steel, also known as 60890H.
    Used with a multi latching lock bar. Security screw included.

  25. Penco Locker Recess Lift W/Trigger

    Penco Recess Locker Lift with Trigger in 028 Grey color. This is for a Right Handed Locker Facing it with the hinges on the right side. (Handle on the Left Side). Also known as 608930c.

  26. Penco Lockers 16 Person

    Penco Vanguard School Lockers. Gray and Champagne are Quick Ship lockers in 6-8 days are available with or without legs, louvered doors & shipped knockdown.

    For all colors with or with out legs, Pull Handle for these lockers ship in 6-8 weeks from factory. 69"x18"x72" overall size.
    Penco Color Chart

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