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Zephyr Locks, Keys and Accessories

Digilock has discontinued their ADA compliant locks: Digilock T30, Digilock T52, and Digilock T70. Zephyr Lock 2154 and Zephyr Lock 2254 are comparable ADA compliant locks at a lower price than the Digilock locker locks.

Are you in the market for new locks or replacement locker locks and keys? Either way, you’ll find just the right product for your locker in our selection of locks from Zephyr.

At RBA, we sell Zephyr locks for your school, gym or employee lockers. Zephyr is a well-known and trusted lock brand, so you can be sure that the Zephyr locks you order from us are of the highest quality.

We have two pages of Zephyr locks and accessories laid out for our customers. Be sure to bookmark this page so you have something to come back to when you’re ready to purchase Zephyr replacement locker locks and keys.  

Shipping only takes one to two weeks, so you won’t have to wait long for your Zephyr lock to be delivered. All Zephyr locker locks come with combination control charts as a helpful guide to setting up your Zephyr lock.  

Zephyr Lock orders from our online store are not returnable. Each lock is made when the order comes in. We sell Zephyr locks that are specifically made per order.

We Sell Zephyr Locks

We know that Zephyr is a reliable name in locks, so we offer an assortment of Zephyr locker locks on our online store. Whether you’re buying a lock for your new locker or you’re looking to purchase replacement locker locks and keys, we have a wide selection to choose from.  

Do you know the specific model number you need? We have the Zephyr locks laid out on the page so you can look for and easily find that number.  We sell Zephyr locks model 2254, 2255, 2154, 2155 and more.

Here’s a brief overview of types of Zephyr locks and lock accessories that you can order from our store:  

  • Electronic RFID locks with card access
  • ADA Locks
  • Vertical deadbolt locks
  • Sideways mounted deadbolt locks
  • Combo spring latch locks
  • Padlocks
  • Electronic keypad locks
  • Keys for specific Zephyr locks
  • Key fobs
  • Access cards

Zephyr locks can be found in multiple settings and can have various uses.  We sell Zephyr locks that can be used for these and many more applications. We provide a simple way for you to purchase your Zephyr school locker locks, Zephyr employee locks and more online.

Zephyr locks can also be used on many locker types. Use these locks on plastic and laminate lockers, ventilated lockers, box lockers, standard metal lockers and more.

Zephyr Locks Product Features

Each type of lock that Zephyr manufactures comes with its own unique features. Some are best suited for a particular type of locker or environment.

For example, Zephyr designed their 1970 and 1971 deadbolt locks for high security purposes. They suggest using these on ventilated lockers for extra protection from security issues that often occur with these lockers. This deadbolt lock fits traditional locker types and has a 10-year warranty.

Zephyr’s electronic keypad lock is better suited for different uses. Zephyr recommends using this lock in recreation centers or on employee lockers. These locks are designed for those who need to quickly lock away or access their items. Employees and recreation center visitors can put in a 4-digit code in order to lock up or access their personal possessions.  

With its simple design, users of Zephyr’s electronic keypad locks are likely to be clear on how to operate the product. The electronic keypad lock provides a fast and easy-to-understand way for employees to get in and out of their lockers with no added hassle. Supervisors can use their control cards to reset codes almost effortlessly.

Zephyr padlocks, on the other hand, were built with schools and universities in mind. Padlocks are the obvious and affordable choice for students to lock away their books and jackets.

Read our product descriptions to help you determine which Zephyr lock will work best for your locker.

More About Zephyr Lock LLC

Zephyr manufactures locks for lockers in every kind of setting and application: school and employee locker rooms, ADA compliance, recreation and health clubs, and many other industrial and municipal settings. From traditional built-in combination locks to the new electronic RFID and built-in key locks, Zephyr Lock is the preferred locking solution and your locker advantage. At RBA, we sell Zephyr locks and accessories that you might need for your locker.  

Zephyr Lock has been manufacturing quality locks for over 15 years. Their locks can be used on any type of locker if it’s fitted properly. Zephyr Lock’s parent company, Wind Group, has been in business for over 60 years.

The company’s decades of experience has led them to become experts in manufacturing locks and Zephyr is now a leading name in the lock industry. Browse our selection of Zephyr locks on our online store to pick the product that your locker requires.

Questions About Your Zephyr Locks

If you have questions about your Zephyr locks, keys, access cards or Zephyr locks combination, don’t hesitate to contact us. Send your inquiry email to and we will help answer your questions.  

You can always refer to the product descriptions on our website to get a quick overview of the Zephyr lock you think you need. We understand if the description isn’t enough and you want more information which is why we’re always happy to respond to your inquiries.

Most Zephyr locks can be fitted to any locker style, but you can ask us if you’re unsure whether a certain lock can be used on a certain locker. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and we won’t settle for less.

Determining the right lock for you can be easy when you seek assistance from experts. With our vast knowledge base of lockers, locks and lock accessories, paired with decades of experience, you can count on us to provide you with sound advice to guide you in your buying process.

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