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We Carry Master Lock Brand Locks, Padlocks and Keys

If you’re looking to buy school locker locks or keys, we have just what you need. Shop our selection of Master Lock’s locks and accessories.

We sell Master Lock school locks, gym locks and locks for various occasions. Master Lock has become a recognized lock manufacturer with decades of industry experience. The school locker locks Master manufactures are reliable and made to last.

All Master Lock orders only take one to two weeks to ship. Order your locker Master locks and accessories now and you will have your new lock or key in no time.

Our two pages of Master brand locks and accessories are sure to have the lock you’re looking for. If you’re in charge of maintaining lockers and security for a school or gym, or if you’re just looking to secure your locker, Master brand locks might be just what you need. Save this page so that next time you’re in the market you can quickly order your Master locks for school lockers, gym lockers or employee lockers.

Master Lock orders are not returnable because they are made when the order comes in. Each lock is specifically made per order.

Check out our Robert Brooke Locker Parts Catalog for more info.

Master Lock School Locks

School locks are what probably comes to mind when you think about securing your belongings in a locker. Master school locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are good for different uses.

You don’t have to go to school or be a member of a gym to find a use for a Master brand lock. Aside from school Master locks, Master also manufactures locks for home security, chain locks for bikes, locks for recreation centers, locks and accessories for safes, electronic locks and more. Master makes locks that you can use in your home, when traveling and even on your vehicle.

We sell many of these products on our online store. Whether you’re replacing an old lock or need a new lock to secure your gym locker, you can find what you need on our Master locks page. You can even do a search by model number if you have one in mind.

Our online store has combination padlocks, automatic locking bolts, manual locking bolts, series 1500 master keys, series 1600 master keys, wood locker spring loaded locks and more. Most of the padlocks are perfect to use on school or gym lockers, including master lock built in locker locks.

These locks can fit most locker types. Master Lock manual locking deadbolts fit on full length lockers and box lockers whereas their auto locking spring bolt works best on single point lockers. You can find information on what types of lockers each lock fits in their product description.

About Master Lock Company LLC

Master Lock was founded in 1921 by Harry Soref and has developed a rich history over the years. It is now a leading manufacturer of locks and other security products. Because they are a reputable brand, we sell Master brand products right here on our website.

In the 1920s, Master Lock began producing laminated padlocks with the help of only five employees. The company has won many awards over the years. Soref was the only person to receive a gold medal from American Association of Master Locksmiths for his innovative, high-quality lock production. In the 1980s, the company won the Clio advertising award for its hit commercial.

Master continues to participate in volunteer work and charities. They place such value on making their contributions that you can even say it has been ingrained into their company culture.

Master Lock’s first combination lock dates back to 1935. Now, with almost a century of producing first-rate locks and continuously delivering customer satisfaction, Master Lock has earned its title as a reputable and widely known lock manufacturer. Its current headquarters is located in Oak Creek, WI.

The company has continued to produce new, cutting-edge products. At RBA, we rely on Master Lock’s decades of experience to provide our customers with locking solutions they can count on. We are pleased to sell these locks that have proven to be dependable time and time again.

Contact Us About Your Master Lock

If you’ve already read the product descriptions on our website and still have questions about your Master lock, please feel free to ask us. Email us at and we will be ready to assist you.

Do you have a question about your Master locker locks combination? Do you need help determining what Master school locks will be best for your educational institution? We want you to be content with your purchase, so we are here to answer any questions you have.

We receive numerous inquiries from customers, so don’t hesitate to contact us about your Master lock. One common question we get is what type of locker a specific lock will work best on. The lock you will need depends on whether you have a single point locker, full length locker, box locker or another kind of locker. We will determine which lock you need and let you know so you can quickly place your order.

Our expertise in lock hardware will provide you with the right answers to your questions and help guide you in your purchase decision. We hope that the Master lock you receive is just what you were looking for and that you are completely satisfied with your Master lock purchase from RBA.

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