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Locker Door Locks Online For Commercial Facilities


RB Lockers carries a full selection of locks from padlocks to electronic locks for optimal security and protection. Our locks deliver strength and quality in their performance in all kinds of settings and applications, both padlocks and built in locker locks.

We sell locks from only the most trusted names in lock manufacturing. Master Lock and Zephyr are two of the most common brands that manufacture locker door locks and have been in business for decades.

These companies are committed to manufacturing high-grade school locker locks, gym locker locks and electronic locks that their customers can count on year after year. That’s why we continue to sell their durable, well-made locks on our online store.

For over 40 years, we have been dedicated to selling locker locks and school locker parts made by these reputable brands. We applaud the hard work that these companies have put into making heavy-duty locks, and we are proud to sell their products on our online locker hardware store.

If you need to replace a lock or purchase new locker locks for your school, gym, healthcare facility or other business, we have your options laid out for you right here. Instead of spending hours researching the locker locks you require, make it a speedy and simple process by bookmarking this page and ordering from us.

Refer back to this page any time you need to order replacement locker door locks. You can even narrow your search by scanning the page for a specific model number, brand or both. In the end, you’ll have saved time and money by purchasing your replacement locker locks and keys from our website.

RB Lockers has been providing commercial hardware for a large range of businesses since 1970, and we continue to provide the best service for the best price. With decades of locker industry experience under our belt, we are devoted to our customers and strive to bring them the utmost fulfillment with every locker part that they purchase from us.

Get started on your order of locks today by giving us a call and speaking with one of our expert sales representatives. We are always delighted to help you with your locker locks order.

School Locks For Lockers

Are you a student or gym member who needs a lock to secure your belongings in your locker? Our selection of school locker locks and gym locker locks are perfect for you.

If you’re an individual who needs a lock for your personal locker, try one of the combination padlocks that we sell. Combination locks are one of the most common ways to secure your backpack, homework, books and clothing in school lockers. They are also commonly seen in gym locker rooms, whether it be in a public gym or a university recreation center.

School combination locks usually come with a designated combination you will have to remember. Some of these school lockers locks come with a master key, and some can only be opened with a combination. We sell the combination locks and the master keys separately.

Just shut your locker, put the padlock through the door handle hole, and click it shut locking together the two pieces of the handle. The lock will ensure that your items stay protected and secure while being stored.  When you need to retrieve your items, turn the knob on the lock to key in the appropriate combination. You should then be able to pull open the lock effortlessly.

We also have another type of padlock for gym lockers. We sell Master lock brand combination padlocks which are similar, but look different. These particular locks have 4-digit dial buttons for entering the combination. Choose from these and more types of combination school locker locks when browsing our website, such as our built in combination locks.

Replacement Locker Locks And Keys

Are you in charge of supplying locks for your student or employee lockers? Some of the locks we sell are geared more toward maintenance managers and not individual students or gym members. Many of the customers who order from our site are often purchasing replacement locker locks and keys.  

For example, we sell mounted deadbolt locks, electronic keypad locks, electronic RFID locks with card access, automatic locking spring bolts, wood locker spring loaded locks and other types of locker locks with master keys. Each one of these is best suited for a unique purpose. If you work at a facility that contains lockers, these built in locker locks may have to be newly installed or replaced depending on the situation.

Wood locker spring loaded locks work on wooden lockers and lockers that don’t have handles. For these, you have the option to choose from left handed or right handed.

We also sell locker electronic locks with card access options. Electronic RFID locks with card access can be used on box lockers, single point lockers, phenolic, plastic and laminate lockers, wooden lockers and more. They are commonly used in employee locker rooms, fitness centers, day spas and resort locker rooms.

These electronic locks and cards provide high security for valuable items and are comparable to banking cards. They can be programed to use for only one day or to use permanently, depending on your preference. You can also track user history if you need to look back on a certain time when a lock was used.

Our online selection also has other locker electronic locks you can pick from. Zephyr’s 2310 and 2315 electronic keypad locks can be mounted on plastic, wood and phenolic lockers. Facility owners and supervisors can quickly reset a 4-digit locker combination with the control card.

We also sell Zephyr Lock 2154 and Zephyr Lock 2254 which are similar to Digilock locker locks that are ADA compliant. Some of these Digilock locker locks have been discontinued such as Digilock T30, Digilock T52 and Digilock T70. They can be easily replaced with one of our more affordable Zephyr locks.

Our built in locks for lockers are easy to install, and we’re always a phone call away if you need assistance. You can browse our selection and figure out what locker door locks you should use on your locker. Replacing your school or gym locker locks or ADA compliant locks can be a simple task when you can order the parts online from our store.

Your electronic lock or padlock for lockers is just a click away. Be sure to order from us as soon as you can so you can promptly receive your new locker locks. Shipping usually takes one to two weeks, so place your order now to get your locker locks hardware soon.

Locker Locks Inquiries

Do you have inquiries about the locker locks we sell? Ask the experts! Email us at and we will provide you with answers.

Choosing your correct locker lock will always depend on what type of locker you have, what type of facility it’s in and what it’s being used for. We can determine the exact lock you need whether it be replacement locker door locks, new locker locks, locker locks and keys, or other school locker parts.

Buying your locker door locks online is meant to be easy and we want to provide you with an efficient buying process overall. That’s why it is important to us that we answer any questions you have to ensure that you receive the right lock.  

Trust our dedicated staff with decades of experience to steer you in the right direction for your locker locks order. Our goal is that you will be left with zero questions, a good idea on which lock you need and how to install it, and total customer satisfaction.

Give us a call or email us, whichever you prefer, and someone will assist you shortly.

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