Republic Steel| Generic

Republic Steel| Generic

If you’re looking for affordable Republic locker parts for your Republic lockers, your search ends here. Shop our selection of replacement republic locker hardware here on our website. Our

store offers a wide selection of Republic locker parts.

We have door jambs, locker springs, lift triggers, door hinges and more. Most of our Republic locker parts are in stock and ready to ship, so don’t hesitate to order your parts.

At RBA, we have been selling one and two piece locker handle assemblies, door jambs, springs and other locker parts made in the USA for over 45 years. We are a trusted source for the Republic locker parts you need. Just jump online, visit our Republic lockers page and order the Republic locker replacement parts you need for your lockers.

Republic Storage Products, LLC

Berger Manufacturing was created in 1921 by John and Wilson Berger of Canton Ohio, but

by 1930 the name was changed to Republic Steel Corporation. Today they are still in business with new owners of Echelon Capital in Illinois. In 2015, they changed the name of the company from Republic Storage Systems, LLC to Republic Storage Products, LLC. You can find the company’s manufacturing factory in Illinois. The company offices are located in Uniontown, Ohio.

With a century’s worth of experience in quality manufacturing, Republic Storage Products, LLC is a reliable name in the locker industry. With Republic being a leading locker manufacturer, you can trust that the Republic locker parts we sell are worth the purchase.

About Republic Lockers

Republic lockers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. When choosing your Republic lockers, you can take your pick from 25 different colors. Browse the Republic lockers color chart and choose the color you desire.

Whether you need Republic standard lockers or lockers for specialized equipment, Republic Storage Products has plenty of options to choose from. Republic lockers offers lockers for different occasions and facilities.

These lockers can be found in schools, gyms, golf clubs, locker rooms, ski resorts and more. Republic also makes lockers that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Republic’s Emergency Response lockers are another quality asset the company offers. Police officers and firefighters can use the emergency response lockers to store their professional gear and equipment. These unique storage spaces come with or without doors so they can be used either for quick access or keeping important items safe.

If you’re looking for standard lockers for your school corridors, you’ll have a few different choices. School lockers come in Quiet Lockers, Heavy Duty, Quik-Ship and Single Point II. Each type of locker comes with its own unique purpose that should help you decide which one is a good fit for your storage needs.

For example, Republic’s Quiet Lockers are just what the name implies: quiet for a disruption-free school environment. Heavy Duty Corridor lockers, on the other hand, are made more for tougher security uses.

Types of Republic athletic lockers include MVP lockers, Single Point II athletic lockers, Heavy Duty Ventilated lockers and All Welded Ventilated lockers. Like the school lockers, each type of locker serves its own purpose.

Whether you’re the owner of a golf club or a school principal, you may have recognized the Republic locker label on your commercial lockers. It’s important to know how to maintain these lockers. Maintenance can be easy if you know how to order the parts that need replacing. Just search the Republic section on our website to find the parts that you need for your lockers.

Republic Locker Hardware

Republic offers an array of locker accessories for your school lockers, gym lockers, ski lockers, or whatever type of locker your facility requires. Your specific locker might require a particular trim for the type of storage solution you are looking for. Republic provides a wide selection of trims from sloping trims, recess trims and more.

You can also shop Republic’s basket rack shelving selection, ideal for storing clothing. Whether you are swimming at the pool or working out at the gym, these shelves are the perfect solution for holding your bathing suits and athletic gear. There are three different basket materials you can decide between: mesh, pilfer guard or steel front.

More From Republic Storage

Aside from lockers, Republic Storage Products also offers various storage solutions. For instance, Republic offers different types of shelving for warehouses, manufacturing facilities and record storage. You have the option of choosing your standard industrial clip shelving or shelving mezzanine systems.

Industrial clip shelving includes your standard shelving storage space with drawers, dividers, or bins for organization purposes. The shelving units come in a few different sizes and colors. These storage solutions can be used in a warehouse or a backroom.

Is your business quickly growing? Skip the expensive costs for extra construction. Republic’s mezzanine systems offer vertical storage space especially for expanding businesses who find themselves lacking storage space. You can get Republic mezzanine storage solutions at an affordable price all while keeping your business within the same building you started in.

Republic Locker Parts

Choosing the correct Republic locker replacement parts for your lockers can be simple. Search from a list of Republic locker parts all here in one easy-to-find section of our website. We have locker number plates, locker handles, pop rivets, 15” and 18” upper doors, wall hooks, ceiling hooks and more. For further information on installing Republic Lockers, please see our Republic Locker Installation Instructions.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our office. Feel free to email us at if you need specific questions answered about your Republic locker replacement parts.

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  1. Locker Number Plates

    Locker Number Plates fits most lockers except Lyon. Make sure to add what numbers you are looking for. 1-600 in stock, anything over 4-6 weeks. Only numbers can be on the number plates, No names on plates. Pop rivets included. Hole spacing 1-3/4", Overall size 2-5/16" x 1-1/16". Manufactured in the USA. Also known as 99001, 70072, bu0110, lu122.

    Note: Blank number plates are available and in stock, with no numbers on them. Pop rivets are included. Each number plate you need is quantity one. Ten plates equal qty 10 for ordering. Note 6 numbers is a maximum per number plate.

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