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Selling durabilt handles and deborough locker hardware for over 40 years. Door locker handles, auto locking door jambs and latch plates available. 

Robert Brooke Locker Parts Catalog

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  1. $14.30
    SKU: 800190

    Durabilt Locker Handle. 3-3/4" centers. Also known as 90101, 72001, db7755.

  2. $21.84
    SKU: 800200

    Durabilt Locker Door Jamb.

  3. $8.25
    SKU: 800202
    Durabilt Locker Latch Plate. Also known as 72003, db7755.
  4. $7.59
    SKU: 800515
    Debourgh Locker Center Knife Hinge.
  5. $8.25
    SKU: 800517
    Debourgh Locker Top/Bottom Knife Hinges.
  6. $14.52
    SKU: 800519
    Debourgh Locker Door Jamb Assembly. Also known as 90101, db7756. This jamb assembly is what keeps the door shut closed and latched.

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