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  1. Superior List Industries Locker
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List Industries

Here at RB Lockers, we offer an array of inexpensive List Industries hardware that can serve as replacement parts on the lockers in the facility that you maintain. This brand of lockers can be found in hospitals, schools, fitness arenas and many other organizations and businesses. In case you need to purchase a replacement part, we provide an easy online platform for buying new List Industries locker parts.

Be sure that you take a peek at all the List Industries locker parts we have for sale. We have an extensive selection of List Industries locker parts that you can order and have shipped to you. The List Industries locker parts that we carry include coiled springs, latch clips, handles, pop rivets, finger lifts, lock bar rivets, latch hooks, hinges, pivot clips and more.

To ensure that you order the correct List Industries locker parts to replace the old and damaged ones on the Superior Lockers you are fixing, you can always read the product descriptions and/or Robert Brooke & Associates Locker Catalog. If you would still like more information, you can contact our team of professionals so that we can share our expertise and help you select the best List Industries locker part for the repair.

Shipping List Industries Locker Products

Most of the List Industries locker parts available on our webstore are in stock at our warehouse located in Troy, Michigan. The List Industries locker parts that we have in stock will be shipped the same day as your order if your order is placed during business hours on a weekday. 

A few of the List Industries locker parts that we sell may have a Lead Time ranging from a day to a few weeks because we do not currently have them in stock. This Lead Time will show up in the List Industries locker part’s product description so that all customers can be aware of it. 

List Industries Company History

List Industries first launched in the 1930’s and was originally founded by Max. H. List. Since then, generations of List family members have continued to uphold the company name and its high-quality products throughout the years.

The current President of the company is JR List. Throughout their decades of industry experience, they have earned their reputation as a top name brand of locker manufacturers. The company’s corporate headquarters is located in Florida.

At RB Lockers, we have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the durability and overall excellent quality of List Industries locker parts. We are proud to be a top seller of List Industries locker parts to customers across the United States and Canada.

List Industries Locker Hardware

Take a look at the List Industries locker parts that we have for sale and that you can easily order online to be shipped to your home or business. Our selection of List Industries locker parts ranges from hinges to springs, from recess handles to pop rivets. Which List Industries locker parts do you need to replace on the commercial lockers that you are responsible for maintaining?

The List Industries hinge that we sell is the Superior List Industries Hinge or part number 807110. The recess handle that we carry by this reputable brand is the List Industries Recess Handle Only. This particular handle is made of stainless steel.

We also have the List Industries Recess Lift Only. This List Industries locker part should be installed on a right-handed locker (when facing you). A left-handed version of this product can also be ordered when you send us a specific request for it.

The List Industries Finger Lift is another one of the List Industries locker parts that we sell online. This particular item comes in black.

We also carry the Superior List Industries Coiled Spring and the Superior List Industries Nylon Latch Clip. Both of these List Industries locker parts can not only be used with Superior Lockers made by List Industries, but they can also be used with lockers that were manufactured by a few other companies including ASI, Penco and Edsal. There is another style of List Industries spring that we carry called the Superior List Industries Jamb Spring Only

Another List Industries locker part in our online supply list is a rivet. We offer two styles of rivets by this manufacturer that may interest you. The first is the List Industries Pop Rivet Only for triggers. The second is the Superior List Industries Lock Bar Rivet. This List Industries locker part is constructed of plastic and works with the lock bar to keep it in place.

Plus, make sure you browse the latch hooks and pivot clips that we regularly stock. We offer a few style options for these, so it’s a good idea to know which ones we have available to purchase.

Inquiries On List Industries Locker Parts

Ask us about List Industries locker parts to receive more detailed information on the products that you are interested in. As knowledgeable locker hardware experts, we can offer you more insight on the List Industry locker part features and how to properly replace these items on the commercial locker that you are mending. You can trust our 50 years of experience to help you receive the best List Industries locker parts for your locker repair.

Call 1 (800) 642-2403 or send your List Industries locker parts message via email to You can also leave us a message on our Live Chat between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. We are looking forward to hearing from you and assisting with your List Industries locker parts inquiries.