Find the Edsal locker parts you need for your facility’s storage lockers. Whether you have Edsal lockers in your gym, school or hospital, we sell the Edsal locker replacement parts you might eventually need.

All of our Edsal locker parts fit onto one page, so they should be easy to find when you’re looking for a specific piece of hardware. Be sure to save this page in your bookmarks if your facility has Edsal lockers that require new parts.

You can quickly order the parts you need right here. Our Edsal locker parts are ready to ship. We have a variety of Edsal locker parts to choose from that are in stock and ready to go.

The handles that you find on most lockers come with a lock bar and a latch clip. These clips are often prone to breakage no matter what brand of locker it is. Despite the fact that Edsal manufactures quality products, their latch clips sometimes need to be replaced.

At RBA, we sell these clips and other parts online at affordable prices so your replacement process can be as low hassle as possible. We are a trusted online seller as we have been selling replacement locker parts for over 45 years. We want to provide our customers with easy access to Edsal locker replacement parts for their storage lockers.

In selling Edsal locker parts, we serve the educational industry, the athletic industry, healthcare industry and more by supplying their facilities with the hardware for their lockers. If you’re in charge of upkeep and maintenance for your business, you may be responsible for fixing and restoration of certain equipment that belongs to your establishment. Be sure to note that we sell Edsal locker parts right here online so you can be ready to order when your lockers require new parts.

Edsal Lockers

Edsal manufactures an assortment of locker types. You have probably come across the name if you own an athletic club or run a school. Edsal lockers can be found in hospitals, pool areas, gyms, restaurants, and other businesses.

Edsal makes standing lockers, wall mounted lockers, single tier lockers, double tier lockers, multiple tier lockers and more. You can also choose from their collection of Edsal citadel lockers.

The lockers they make are ideal for different purposes.

For example, Edsal’s single tier citadel lockers are perfect for hanging outfits whereas Edsal’s double tier ventilated lockers are more suited for athletic gear. Edsal’s 6 tier ventilated box lockers are great for pools with locker rooms and lockers that are kept in high humidity environments. These lockers even have legs to keep them off the ground to prevent moisture from collecting.

Maybe your school, gym or other business already supplies these lockers, in which case you’ve come to the right place to order your Edsal locker parts! Just do a quick search on our short page of Edsal parts to find the piece of hardware.

The company also manufactures other important storage solutions such as industrial shelving products, specialty shelving products, record boxes and storage cabinets. They make office products, pallet racks, industrial furniture, tool stands, steel desks and benches. At RBA, we only sell parts specifically for Edsal’s lockers and not for their other products.

More About Edsal

Edsal has been manufacturing storage solutions for over 50 years. Not only do they make first-rate storage systems, but they also manufacture industrial furniture.  The company has seven manufacturing facilities ensuring optimal use of resources and production of high-quality storage systems for their customers. The lockers they make are constructed of high grade material and they are made to last.

As a reliable seller of locker parts that’s been in business for decades, we only sell hardware and equipment from reliable brands. Edsal is a trusted name in locker manufacturers, so we’re delighted to sell their locker parts on our online store.  We highly recommend trying Edsal lockers in your place of business if you haven’t already.

Edsal is dedicated to making first-rate lockers and storage systems for their customers. At RBA, we’re committed to selling the parts that may need to be replaced over the years. Order inexpensive Edsal locker replacement parts from our online store.

Your Edsal Locker Hardware

Are you looking for a specific Edsal locker part for your storage locker? We sell the parts right here so that you can order right now. Our product pictures are there to help you determine which is the correct part for your Edsal Locker.

Maybe you need a magnetic catch to keep the locker door shut when it is closed. Maybe you just need to replace the latch clip that comes with the lock bar. Of course, it’s possible that you’ll need to get entirely new Edsal locker handles at some point.

Whether you need a latch clip, stainless steel recessed handle, magnetic catch, lock bar, coiled spring or plastic retainer button, we sell it. We also sell the Edsal Lodec black handle and Edsal Lodec brown handle as well.

If you’re not sure which part your Edsal locker requires, just ask us. We have the knowledge base to get you the correct answers.

Our staff members have decades of experience tailored to the locker hardware industry. Please email us at sales@RobertBrooke.com if you have specific questions about the Edsal locker parts you need for your facility’s lockers. We are ready to provide you with the answers you seek.

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  1. Edsal Locker Coiled Spring

    Edsal Locker Coiled Spring, Used with ASI, Edsal, List Industries and Penco lockers.
    Manufactured in the USA for the past 25 + Years. Also known as 8650, 4120, 74015, pn3305, lp8828.

  2. Edsal Locker Nylon Latch Clip

    Edsal Locker Nylon Latch Clip, Used with ASI, Edsal, List Industries and Penco lockers. Manufactured in the USA for the past 25 + Years. Also known as 8651, 60501, 4125, 74016, pn3310, lp8827, ls645.
  3. Lyon Locker Handle Assembly rh

    Lyon Metal Locker Handle Assembly for right handed lockers, facing the locker if the hinges are on the right side then they are a right handed locker. Assembly includes case, lift and 4 screws. November 1965- September 1981. Also known as 6741 and 6742, 75030, ly2230, ll1746. Hole spacing for the lift is 1-3/4". Hole spacing for the case that mounts to the locker is 3-1/4".

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