A perspective view of a stack of ransacked blue metal school lockers with combination locks and open doors on an isolated background.

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Long high school corridor curving to one side and lined with lockers. The walls, lockers, and ceiling is red, and the image is taken from the floor level creating a sweeping perspective.

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Two rows of 10 lockers, all bright red and face front with the camera. A broad variety of combination locks are latched onto their locker handles.

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Locks for every need, we have it all, including ADA compliant Zephyr Locks.

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Robert Brooke & Associates - Commercial Locker Hardware

Commercial locker systems are complex products that may take weeks to plan for and install. Robert Brooke knows the complexities of outfitting schools, offices, gyms and warehouses with storage lockers, which is why our catalogue is filled with every locker type from those with ADA-compliant lock mechanisms to full-length school locker sets made for every space and in a variety of colors from our trusted manufacturers. We stock equipment from top manufacturers such as Zephyr locks and Penco locker hardware as well as others. Our staff holds decades of specialized experience, so contact us to answer your questions about commercial locker systems and locker hardware today.

Robert Brooke has been a trusted supplier of locker systems and accessories for business of all types for more than 50 years. If you need to update your locker systems or repair your current system, trust Robert Brooke to fulfill your needs.